Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Nic Wilkinson: World's Greatest Human Being. Fact.

Just for a second, I'd like to talk about something other than my awesome self (actual awesomeness may vary).

Nic Wilkinson, my girlfriend and collaborator on both Extinction Protocol and Remember This Moment, has just been interviewed on the Whatever Comics forum. It's the same format as the one I did a little while back.

To put things in perspective, whatever foothold I've kicked into the comics business so far, I unquestionably owe it to Nic. When my original artist on Extinction Protocol dropped out without once putting pencil to paper, Nic immediately volunteered - fitting the monthly strip around a demanding career (and a more demanding boyfriend). She learned the horrendously complicated skill of narrative composition in an absurdly short time, and put up with endless last-minute revisions and story edits from me without ever once complaining. There was no question in her mind that this would lead somewhere for me, and she dedicated herself to helping me jam a steel toecap into any door that cracked open.

So, with that said, feel free to check out the interview and see what Nic has to say for herself.


  1. Hooray for me!!!!!!!

    But no, YOU are so great.

    Publishers did not hand you contracts for on-going series, sign you up for creator owned books and ask for what other ideas you have because I drew other things you have written.

    Also, and probably more importantly, why else would I have a tattoo of one of your stories otherwise?

    Oh, that and the matter of the apotheosis.

    Hey, go me, though!!

    Also: "Because you scare me, because you have nice hands, and because I knew you were going to be bad news and I wanted to be with you anyway"

    And also because you are a good lion but not a safe one.

    10 points to anyone reading this who gets the references.

    Watch this space for future collaborations...

  2. A nice, and well deserved, salute here to Nic and her skills. Nic's artistic skills really helped to elevate Extinction Protocol to its high level of quality both in its presentation and its ability to convey the story right from the pages and into your mind....great work Nic.


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