Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Long Time No Blog...

So, news is pretty slow on the comics front at the moment.

Well, slow in the sense that all the activity is going on below the waterline. I've just completed a first draft script for Starship Troopers #9, and I'm looking over a contract I've been offered by another publisher for a creator-owned story they want to put out. That's all progressing nicely.

Oh, and a new idea dropped on my head from a great height the other day and is now refusing to leave me alone until I write it up. It's the kind of thing that gets under your skin and keeps throwing up new possibilities even when you're trying to concentrate on something else (like packing the entire contents of your home into far too few cardboard boxes so the carpet guys can rip up your underlay). I'm not sure where it's all going just yet but, for now, let's just say that it's a genre that I've left pretty much alone in the past because I've never felt I had anything new to add to it. Now I reckon I have. All that remains is to see if there's enough meat on its bones to take it anywhere.

Okay, enough cryptic crap for now. I've got another episode of Extinction Protocol to plan out, an article to write for Signs & Portents and an entire flat to reassemble.

Good times!


  1. Surely, Cy, you can allow us more than that small deliciously tantalising tidbit in regards to your newly acquired thoughts.....:)

  2. Heh - I'll get back you you on that. I've got to bash the ideas into shape a bit first and see how it all fits together.


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