Sunday, 25 November 2007

Seriously, What the Hell?

Right, file this one under "Sorted".

Ever since I got this PC, I've noticed this intermittent fault that's been a total bugger to track down. Basically, at random intervals, the volume would lower down to mute. Sometimes it happened almost instantly, at other times it took ten seconds or more. There was no particular pattern to it, and nothing seemed to do any good. I tried every conceivable audio driver without luck and was pretty much at the end of my rope when, suddenly, it stopped happening.

That was about a month ago.

Today, the fault returned with a fury hitherto unimagined. Every time I raised the volume slider, it slid right back down to zero again. Wham - just like that. After four infuriating hours on the internet trying every possible Google query I could think of, desperation set in. It was at this moment that a chance link led to a chance link that led to what I'm provisionally calling a solution.

Long story short: something about my keyboard was interfering with something in Vista and telling it to keep lowering the volume. Swapping out the keyboard instantly solved the problem.

W, in a very real sense, TF?

Also, I read The Black Dossier today - but we'll talk about that another time.


  1. It would be easily understandable if your computer went sailing across the room and into the far wall in frustration with a fault like this......perhaps your computer is haunted...unbeknownst to you, previously owned by the family of a disturbed, early teens youth, who committed suicide :) :) :)

    Seriously though, that would be highly annoying !

  2. Heh - yeah.

    It's just one of those weird things that happens sometimes. When I bought this computer, I largely ignored the media controls on the keyboard. Having never used them, it never occurred to me that the volume control on the board could be messing with my PC.

    Crazy stuff...


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