Saturday, 10 November 2007

Starship Troopers: "Certified Cool"

Well, the November issue of Previews is out - and I'm in it! Here's the solicit text for AAM/Markosia's Starship Troopers #5:

Starship Troopers #5 by Cy Dethan and Paul Green. Starship Troopers returns in an explosion of Sex, Bugs and Rock 'n' Roll! An elite Pathfinder platoon storms the Arachnid-infested jungles of Farsteldt, where a savage ambush catapults them into a knife-edge First Contact situation. The Bug War just gained an unpredictable new player! Spectacular new story arc with newcomers Cy Dethan and Paul Green creating a stunning new look to the much-loved Troopers universe. (C: 0-1-2) 28pgs, FC........................$3.50

Better yet, Previews has awarded the issue a "Certified Cool" symbol. Gotta love that! According to Previews, the symbol marks out comics that "stood out to us as perfect examples of distinct comic stories that will broaden your entertainment experience and the industry."

So, um... wow! If you like the sound of that, please feel free to hassle your local comics retailer to order a copy. Apparently, someone pays me money if you do.


  1. I always knew it!!

    I'm not surprised though. I think the writing and the art are both very distinctive.

    People are going to be able to spot both of your work by style.

    Go Cy - yet again.


  2. That's a nice feather to have in your cap, without doubt :)

    I'm thinking these "Certified Cool" comments will have many a connoisseur marking your debut for purchase.....and so they should I reckon.

    I agree with catfangs comments on your style as well.

  3. What was it Tony Lee said when he announced you in All The Rage...

    ...was it...

    "Goddamit he's better than me"

    What a nice man :)

    And Michael Moorcock said ‘Tony Lee is one of the best story-tellers working in comics today’.

    Also - I say you are "Certified Rockin'" and I know rockin' when I see it.

    After all, the horns still fit.

  4. Also I'm sure 60 000 wouldn't be reading Extinction Protocol were you not that cool, either.

  5. you two seem to have WAAAAY too much fun writing EP.


    shame there isn't a collected edition, aside from my crappy printed one...

    so, 'the wonderful thing abbout triggers' huh? hmmm...

    godamit, i want more comics, f@$ker!!

    or summat.

    see you soon (when the world stops being mad at me)

  6. Thanks, guys.

    Yeah, Extinction Protocol has been a Hell of a lot of fun so far. We're into the second "act" of the story now, so we're setting things up that'll pay off later - in some cases much later.

    "Triggers" is an episode where a number of battle lines are drawn, so things are about to get shaken up quite a bit.

    As for the Markosia ongoing series, I've been looking over some of the artwork for the second issue today (well, technically it's the sixth issue, but its MY second issue) and it's stunning.

    So, all in all, things are pretty good for me at the minute. :)


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