Friday, 21 December 2007

Blog War!

So here's the thing:

I currently exist in a couple of places on the internet. I've got this blog, a page on ComicSpace and a few other fragments of me drifting about the place. For the most part, I've been taking it fairly easy with them, updating when I've got some comics news, or when some random thought's been pestering me to let it out of my head.

Right now, I'm on the verge of adding another page to my "Where the Hell is Cy?" list. The Comics Village website has very kindly offered me a regular column there. Perhaps they've got me confused with someone else...

In any case, I'm hardly going to turn down an opportunity like this, so I'm putting together some ideas and getting ready to kick things off. Of course, now I have to start thinking about what goes where. The ComicSpace page is pretty easy, since it's more of a newsboard than anything else. What I'm trying to get a feel for now is what sort of division there should be between the material in this blog and the stuff in the Comics Village one. Obviously, Comics Village is going to have a strong comics focus, but I wouldn't want to lose that aspect from this place.

Hmm... Some thought required. Any ideas?


  1. Well, with this blog, you could continue on with exactly what you are doing currently.....writing of random thoughts and idea's with tidbits of you personal comics interests and achievements thrown into the mix. With Comics Village, you could stick to just commenting on comics only and how you view them as opposed to everyone else. This could include news of upcoming stuff, comment on older classics, interesting bits of trivia that may be rarely known.....maybe even a multi part blog of the process that you go through when writing a comic.....from when the thought first enters your head until it appears on the shelves......

    Having it this way would leave a clear seperation between the two....the first is very personal and the second is more generalised.

  2. Basically I agree with Awesomeshotdude. The blog is your personal space can exist independently of, or in relation to, any other columns you may write for as long as you are writing them.

    The number of columns/podcasts/blogs/guest slots/joint promo efforts etc in any media that you do for other people may grow and shrink in number, depending on what you are working on, who are working for etc. Such things will usually have a "focus" or "topic" no matter how broad.

    The Cy's Matters blog is for your own completely personal stuff, and where people know they can always find you as other things come and go.

    I'll have a proper read through Comics Village and see the kinds of things they have there and see if I have any suggestions for you.

    Whatever it turns out to be, though, I will it will rock (like you).

  3. Cheers, guys.

    All thoughts and suggestions gratefully received.


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