Saturday, 19 January 2008

Extinction Event

So that's it then.

I've just put the finishing touches on the script for the final episode of Extinction Protocol, and I'm sitting here trying to work out how I feel about that.

Overall, I feel pretty good. The strip ran for twenty episodes in a magazine with around 60,000 readers. Not bad for a first professional gig. I had a cast of characters I enjoyed writing (and periodically killing) and a rich, pre-existing background I continue to find endlessly fascinating. Good times.

That said, it's time to move on. With the Mongoose Starship Troopers product range being off-line until the second edition arrives later this year, it makes sense for both Mongoose and me to focus our attention where it's most needed - which brings me back to the Markosia ongoing series.

We're into the final countdown now, and I'm insanely excited about it. One of the biggest culture shocks about working in comics for me has been getting used to the timing. Example: when I write a corporate website or brochure, I submit the copy, someone else lays it out in the proper format and within a week or so the final product is generally out there in the world. With Extinction Protocol, I could give Nic a script and expect to see a draft copy of the art within a week or two. In the meantime, I'd be working on the next episode so I'd always be one script ahead. The ongoing series is a whole other world, though. When the first issue of my run hits the shelves at the end of the month, I'll be well into the script for my seventh issue. I've already killed off characters who haven't even been "born" yet. Crazy stuff!

I should mention that Nic is having some mixed emotions about the end of EP. On the one hand, it's taken up a lot of her free time over the last year and a half. On the other, she's now in the situation of actually drawing the final moments of the Silverbacks - moments we've been foreshadowing since the very first page. We both have a lot invested in those characters, but for me ending the story as we originally set out to do is the only way to do them justice. Nic's having a little trouble letting them go, though.

Quite sad, actually...

Bah - so much for sentimentality. I've got Troopers to kill.

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  1. Yes, it's a sad and strange thing. One of those things you knew would come to this in the end - but didn't really know how it would feel until you were already feeling it .

    It's like leaving home, or taking an old pet for its final trip to the vet. It's saying goodbye to the people you grew up with and knowing that you will never see them again.

    Well, I say that. I'm pretty sure that some of them at least managed to get out before the script was closed. Pritchard knows how to slip by while someone's mind is turned, and he's sure to have taught that to Blackwell.

    As for Bein, I think a part of him snapped off somewhere in the top of my spine some time ago. It's probably working its way inward to my heart. I'm sure that will turn out well for everyone concerned.

    It's almost over now and I'll leave the final words to Lt Pritchard as the Silverbacks go into the night:
    "What were you hoping for, son, cancer?"


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