Sunday, 3 February 2008

Criminal Damage

So, this weekend, I went down to Canterbury. It's something Nic and I do a couple of times a year to clear the London soot out of our lungs and visit the few people we still know down there. This time, we had an additional reason; we were celebrating the long-anticipated release of Starship Troopers #5. It made sense to mark the occasion with a Canterbury visit since, despite having moved to London in '95, Nic and I still buy our comics from the same shop we did back then, the exceptional Whatever Comics.

Long story short, I got bushwhacked.

It turns out that Nic had conspired with Manny, the owner of Whatever Comics, to set up a sort of covert signing/launch party in honour of my first comic's release. She'd even arranged for some of my oldest friends to meet us down there. Had an excellent day, met some new people and ruined a number of Troopers comics with my illegible scrawl. There was cake.

It's a disturbing thing, signing a comic for the first time. I actually had considerable difficulty putting pen to paper. For one thing, scratching a signature over Paul Green's gorgeous artwork just seems deeply wrong. It felt like I was drawing a funny moustache on the Mona Lisa. It felt like vandalism, and I loved it. Thanks to everyone who showed up.

While I was there, I also received an invitation to a quilting exhibition from star quilter and old friend, Ferret. If you're WTF-ing all over the place right now, try visiting Ferret's website this very minute to see why her work is worth sitting up and paying attention to. I guarantee you'll be amazed at what she's doing with the medium.


  1. Goddamn it, first I miss Jenny & Jan's wedding, now this... admittedly, it's not often I miss Canterbury these days, but hell....

  2. Success!!

    I am the queen of secret plans!

    Glad you liked it.

    Cake was NOT a lie.

  3. @ Pete: hey, great to hear from you. Jan and Jenny got married? Canterbury's much the same as ever. It always feels a bit like coming home to me.

    @ CatFang: you are indeed.


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