Tuesday, 5 February 2008

For the Love of God...

...will someone please explain this to me?

Taken from Jim Starlin's Comics Code Authority approved "Strange Tales Featuring Warlock #181" from 1975:

Am I missing some perfectly innocent interpretation here, or were comics in the 70s way cooler than I remember?


  1. The thing is that this isn't out of context just to make it funny.

    That phrase is not used elsewhere in the comic so there is no indication it means something different that world.

    Trolls are said to be a decadent species in Warlock - but really!!

    Seduction of the Innocent indeed.

  2. Well, I think the writer is releasing his deepest secrets through his characters....and I'd have to admit that there is a certain fun to be had from casting the odd browneye around :)

    Yep, his mention of brown eyeing is in direct reference to flashing your mud button....so your not missing anything innocent !


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