Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Industrial Revolution

I have been alerted to the fact that 12 Ton Method, the world's only 1920s metal band, has now been signed by Copro Records. This is of particular interest to me since the vocalist, Duncan Wilkinson (formerly of London's own Needleye), is my girlfriend's brother and fairly high up on the short list of people to whom I wish no particular harm.

Yes, that's right - I said 1920s metal.

Here's how it works. Metal at its best derives from two primary factors: dissonance and extremity. These two factors, the band argues, reached a peak in the 1920s with the work of Arnold Schoenberg - deviser of the dodecaphonic "12 Tone Method".

12 Ton Method's debut EP, "The Art of Not Falling" is released on the 18th of February. If you're the least bit interested in the future of metal, then I strongly suggest you order your copy now.

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    Ride The Tiger but Watch Out For the Toads...(if you don't know what this means then you are just not METAL enough and haven't yet earned your horns)

    Looking like a good year for everyone all round.


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