Sunday, 24 February 2008

Lazy Blogger...

Well, it's been substantially over a week since I posted anything, so I guess it's time for an update.

I've received my complementary copies of Starship Troopers #6, which means the issue ought to be on shelves this coming week. Those people to whom I've promised freebies, you'll be receiving them shortly.

Also, I'm in print again - this time in the Layer Zero #2 anthology book available now-ish from Insomnia Publications. My story is a nine-pager entitled Remember This Moment, and is basically an attempt to construct a story using the principles, timing and misdirection of a magic trick. Yes, it's one of those "concept stories" you've heard about, and once again my shameful secret past as a magician rears up its ghastly head. Still, if Alan Moore and Grant Morrison can ponce around squirting their bollocks-magic gibberish all over the medium, there's no reason why I can't work a little bit of the real stuff in there.

Anyway, Remember This Moment is drawn by my Extinction Protocol co-conspirator, Nic Wilkinson. The anthology's cover is provided by Bad Blood artist, Paul Green and one of the best stories in the book is lettered by Thomas Mauer, so the whole thing is like one big Starship Troopers reunion.

I've got some other stuff cooking with Insomnia that I hope to be able to announce soon. For now, though, Layer Zero should give you a rough idea of what they're about.

More soon, including possible news of a whole website dedicated to yours truly - which is, for reasons that escape me, apparently the very thing the internet is crying out for right now.


  1. Yay - we are in print.

    Now the universe shall be ours!!

    This was a very interesting story to draw, trying to bring the concepts of magical performance into the structure of the art. I think there are lots of similarities in how attention is directed and controlled between comic art, magic and web design - but that will have to wait til I have my own blog to go into!

    I am really pleased with how the vanish in the magic trick came out - even though I drew it - it really does seem like the trick works, I think.

    Looking over it now if I did it again (and had more time than 5 days to do the whole thing!) the anatomy and lighting would be better, but I am still pretty happy with it.

    Anyone who buys it will not only see our photos, but will find out what I want to be when I grow up.

    A special blog shout out is due for my Dad, Les Wilkinson, for his dangerous stunt-work as body double for the assassin.

  2. GRIN, if the post hadn't sold me on it, this has. Just knowing he was working with his 'proper' artist made it worth a try but with the daring body double...

    Yes I am sure the internet will be a much better place, if only we had a whole site about Cy. Just you wait and see.

  3. Yes, the internet has told me that unless it has a site dedicated to Cy within a month it is going to entirely shut itself down in a sulk.

    I'm working quickly to save the day make sure that does not happen.

    The online world will never know how close it came to destruction.


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