Monday, 31 March 2008

At Last, He Will Have... Revenge!

Okay, a bit out-of-left-field, this one. I've been dimly aware for some time now that long-time friend, Thargol, has been racing cars competitively. Got a bit of a double-whammy today on discovering that not only has he just won a trophy for driving (I can only presume) very, very fast indeed, but that he's also (judging from his clothes) a full-on Sith Lord!

So, congratulations to Thargol for this mighty accomplishment, and for harbouring a deadly secret that threatens to spell doom for the Galactic Republic.


  1. Not quite as full-on fast as we would like.... yet...

    But yeah, the boy dun good :)

    Anyway, where the hell is Layer Zero #2? It would appear that Insomnia are shambling....

    And all the other stuff, how is that going? And if you can't talk here mail me :)

  2. Great stuff. So then, what strings do Nic and I have to pull to actually get to see one of these races?

    As you've guessed, there's some kind of hold-up on Layer Zero #2. Following a couple of amendments, the revised book has been at the printer for well over a month now. Should be an update soon, with any luck.

    As for the other stuff, I'm hoping to be able to make the announcement in the next week or so. Just waiting for the contract and a nod from the publisher. Email coming. :)

  3. It will defintely (we are assured) be out readyfor the Bristol Convention in May (10th and 11th)

    Will Mr twig be in attendance? You could even get a signed copy by the artist and the writer :) could probably get one of those anyway...


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