Tuesday, 8 April 2008

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor (Part 2 of 3)

In addition to the Markosia nominations, I see that Thomas Mauer, the Lettering Samurai of Starship Troopers, has books he's worked on nominated in no fewer than four other categories this year! Needless to say, that's quite a feat!

So, in addition to his nomination for Best Letterer mentioned in the previous post, check out the following categories for increased quantities of Thomas Mauer awesomeness:

12: Award for Favourite Colour Comicbook - American: AWAKENING

16: Award for Favourite New Comicbook: AWAKENING

21: Award for Favourite Original Graphic Novel: THE SURREAL ADVENTURES OF EDGAR ALLAN POO

Yes, I know, there's a bit of a problem with category 16 if you've already read the previous post. I'd recommend a period of quiet reflection before tackling that one.

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