Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Wizard of Oz Meets Chinatown

Yep, that was my pitch about a year ago when I first decided to take a crack at this creator-owned comics thing. Now the book's in production and everything's looking good, so maybe there's something to this "X meets Y" / "X - in Space!" / "X in the Body of a Giant Robot Shark!!" style of summation that seems to dominate the industry.

I promised some details on Cancertown (coming soon from Insomnia Publications) so, for whomever may be curious, here goes:

Cancertown is the story of a former mental patient with an inoperable brain tumour who conducts search-and-rescue missions into a monstrous, alternate version of London. You with me so far? Good. The guy's name is Morley, and he suffers from a rare mental disorder that causes him to believe a number of weird things about himself and his relationship to the outside world. The major upshot of this is that his delusions manifest themselves in a twisted alternate world he calls Cancertown. The real fun for Morley began when dispossessed people - those who were lost or who had a diminished sense of their own identity - started to fall into Cancertown, and Morley decided that his purpose in life was to find those people and return them to the real world before they became permanent residents.

There's a lot more to it, of course - including monsters, ganglords and a horrifically scarred burn victim whose connection to Cancertown seems every bit as strong as Morley's - but that's the basic set-up.

So, yeah - The Wizard of Oz meets Chinatown. Art by Stephen Downey, colours by Melanie Cook and letters by Nic Wilkinson.

Previews at Bristol.


  1. The most awesomest thing EVER!!!!

    Bristol is going to be a blast this year.

    Just wait til they get a load of this!

    I best be off to work on that lettering then.


  2. Now this, I'm excited about... but not too much Oz please. because there's too much Oz going around these days (and yes, I'm a perpetrator with my "Tom waits in Oz" concept")

  3. Rest assured, I shall endeavour not to exceed your daily RDA of Oz in this book. This will, of course, depend partly on your consumption Oz from other, non-approved sources - along with any absorption of low-grade environmental Oz, over which I have no control.

    Heh - Tom Waits in Oz. Nice one...

  4. I think Tom Waits is already there.

    I wonder if he has any ruby slippers?

  5. Wise time to be considering moving out there. I hear the Oz house market's in free-fall right now...


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