Friday, 9 May 2008

BCE Report Day One: Cosplaying With Fire

Right - I'm sitting in a nicely air-conditioned hotel room in Bristol with a massive bag of Minstrels and the kettle on, and I'm just about starting to regain my inner peace.

It shouldn't surprise many of the four or five people who occasionally read this blog that I am instinctively wary of cosplayers. They're great people, but they move in very different circles to me, and I'm generally lucky if I can recognise one character out of every dozen.

Anyway, fortified with an outstanding steak from "La Grotta" (one of my two favourite restaurants in the world), Nic and I hit the Ramada tonight to check out the Orang-Utan Comics Film Night. I got a chance to catch up briefly with Harry Markos and the Markosia Crew, and several other guys who were polite enough to pretend to almost-but-not-quite recognise me. Before we knew it, we'd wandered into the wrong part of town and wound up in the middle of a cosplay competition. I have now recalibrated my understanding of terror by three full points.

After the ordeal (in which a child dressed as a dog won a well deserved award in a category whose criteria I utterly failed to comprehend) we went pinball-style through the hotel bars, bumping into people and trying to give them reasons to care who we were. Fun times.

Had an enjoyable chat about movies with the mighty Barry Nugent from the utterly superb Geek Syndicate podcast, got talking to Stacebob from the also-brilliant Comic Racks and generally had a very cool time.

On a closing note, I'll say this: if you hang around Tony Lee for any length of time, shit starts to happen. Tony's a sort of professional lightning rod and, simply by standing next to him in a bar, a random spark connected and I've kinda been offered a very intriguing gig. More on that if anything comes of it.

Okay, three quarters of a bag of Minstrels later, I'm about ready to turn in. Back tomorrow, where the shit/fan dynamic looks set to get really interesting.

Nah, I can't back that up. I'm just looking forward to a fun day at the convention.


  1. Ah...just be thankfull you didn't have to go backstage into the cosplay dressing room. You'd truly know fear then...

  2. Not mentioned in this entry is the little known fact that as Cy and I were coming into the Ramada on Friday the Storm Troopers blocked the door and asked to see our identifcation - with only a few seconds pause Cy was able to remember to say "You don't need to see our identifcation"...

    So they let us the Private Members Casino - we were only foiled by the reception lady. I guess she must have been some kind of alien.

    That old Jedi mind trick - works every time...

    +2 geek points to Cy

    That is why I love him so much


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