Monday, 12 May 2008

BCE Report Day Three: Con-clusion (ugh)...

So then - there's knackered, and there's convention knackered.

Nic and I kicked off Sunday with a double-shot of Geek Syndicate panels. First up was the "GS vs. Tony Lee" spot, in which Tony was quizzed on pretty much all aspects of his secret origin and subsequent assault on the industry. Interesting stuff, and Tony always holds a crowd's attention.

Directly after this, Tony turned the tables by hosting the UK podcasting panel, featuring representatives from the Geek Syndicate, Comic Racks, Birds of Geek and Comic Book Outsiders. There were several other podcasters in the audience, too, including Matt from the truly brilliant Quiet! Panelologists at Work. It was a killingly funny hour, and will be well worth checking out when the recording is released.

Nic had the first of three geek moments when she realised that the person she was sitting next to was Paul Cornell, but she had a mission to accomplish today and managed to remain pretty focused on it. You see, Manny from Whatever Comics had asked Nic to get an Adam Warlock sketch from Jim Starlin. This was serious business, and not to be undertaken lightly.

After a thirty-minute wait in line at Jim Starlin's table, Nic reached the front and managed to get two sketches - one for Manny and one for herself. Disaster almost struck when all of Jim's pens seemed to run out of ink simultaneously, but I was able to swoop in and donate a Sharpie to the cause. As far as I know, he still has it, and I'm hoping to use that fact as leverage at some point in the future...

Next up on Nic's hit-list was David Lloyd. Again, everything went alarmingly smoothly and she came away with a really nice V mask sketch from him. While this was going on I got a call from Insomnia's Crawford Coutts, asking me to get to their stand so I could take part in an interview with David Monteith of the Geek Syndicate. At precisely the right moment, Stephen Downey happened past and we were able to blast David full in the face with our Cancertown pitch. Hopefully, some of this was coherent enough to make it into the finished episode.

By this time it was getting on for 4pm, so I made my way back to the Markosia booth for my second signing session. Sunday was quieter than Saturday in general, but the crowds seemed more comics-focused than they had the previous day so I actually ended up signing more books this time around. I got a chance to talk to Cherie Donovan (who had completely lost her voice by this time) and Ian Sharman from Orang Utan, and met Karl - a regular from the Geek Syndicate forums who does what sounds like a fascinating talk on the science of super-heroes.

I also finally got to meet the legendary Tommy Castillo. He's a cool guy and an outstanding artist. Of course, by now I was so exhausted that I was barely able to string ten words together in sequence, but I hope I made some kind of sense.

That's about all she wrote for this year's BCE. Now I've got a couple of weeks to gear up for the London MCM Expo. It's a wild event with a lot of very serious-minded cosplaying going on, but I know I'll be there because I'm already listed on the website and the internet has never lied to me.


  1. Wow you managed to find yourself on the London expo site. I need a map for that one. There is a lot of good info there, but I couldn't navigate it. Sounds like it should be a good event though.

  2. Yeah, it's a pretty mad site. :)

    I went to this gig last year and it screwed my brain completely around. I spotted a guy wearing a wire pyramid on his head at a station on the way home - by far the most sensible, rational thing I'd caught sight of all day.

  3. OK thats worrying. I'm looking to see if I can free up a day to go. It does clash with a race event, but Trogdor won't be running so I may bunk off.

  4. awesomeshotdude19 May 2008 at 10:47

    Well, it has been a long time since I have gotten around to checking out your blog, Cy.

    I can see that you've been up to quite a lot !

    Great news about hooking some possible upcoming work from the BCE. I've read a lot of your work in the past and from that I am sure you'll excel at whatever you put your mind to task on.

    Nice pics too mate :) I have to say though, you seem a little un-enthused in the day three pic :)

  5. Nice to see you back here, ASD!

    Yeah, that photo's pretty poor. You see, despite being a staggeringly beautiful man in person, no camera has ever managed to reproduce me as anything other than a shockingly pale, bug-eyed serial killer. :)


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