Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Return of Pyramid-Head!

Well, there we have it.

I hit the London MCM Expo at the weekend and, if anything, they'd managed to ratchet up the weirdness factor by several degrees over last year. The Pyramid Man (smartly dressed guy with wire pyramid on head) was back - oh, my yes. I was behind the Markosia stand when I saw him, and tragically without my camera for the moment, but he was there alright. I'd love to know what his deal is.

Rich Johnston managed to get to the gig, bringing his very own live-action Baby Boomer for good measure. Minor drama almost ensued when the tiny vandal got under the table and came within an inch of dragging the entire display onto the floor. Tragically, this inspiring display of artistic self-expression was cut short before reaching fruition.

I've come to appreciate the advantages of effective marketing at these gigs. In a former life, I earned part of my living pitching magic tricks from a stand in Hamleys (apparently the world's finest toy shop). Working the magic stands taught me lot about handling crowds, almost none of which is applicable to sitting at a comics convention signing books. However, with Nic and Ferret scouting for me, I ended up signing more books in an hour than in all my other signings combined. Well, maybe not - but I was surprised at the level of interest the book was getting.

The cosplayers really pushed the envelope this year. I'm so used to the ubiquitous Stormtroopers that I hardly even see them anymore, but I was still overwhelmed by the range of deep-seated personality disorders so painstakingly displayed. Particular highlights included the six-foot, middle-aged Pikachu, the fully functional Dalek sporting (perhaps unwittingly) an Afro Samurai sticker on the back of its head and the teenager in full Nazi uniform and cat ears. Yes, you read that correctly.

Glad as ever to escape with our lives and sanity, Nic, Ferret and I fled back to my place where I was scheduled to do a photoshoot for one of Ferret's quilt projects. Now, I really hate having my picture taken, but I'd promised to do this and Ferret's work is truly exceptional. No idea what to expect, but it was fun anyway. When we went to her show a while back, Nic fell in love with a piece called Decadence - so at the weekend we bought it. Check it out below and, while you're at it, visit Ferret's website for more information.

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  1. So, I would have been under dressed in my tiger hat after all.

    Being behind the Markosia stand did have a bit of a feel of Rourke's Drift about it. "Cos-players, faaasands of 'em..." Perhaps Harry will look at installing twin 50s on the ends of the tables next time.

    I can't believe Decadence is finally mine.


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