Wednesday, 30 July 2008

United States of Whatever

Nic and I were down in Canterbury at the weekend, along with our friends Tet and Ferret. We'd gone there to celebrate the relocation of our favourite comics shop, Whatever Comics, to an outstanding new address right in the middle of the main high street.

I've been buying my floppies from Whatever since late 1990 and, despite a number of address changes for both me and them, I've never felt the slightest temptation to change suppliers. As long as Manny and Debe are in the business, I know my pull list is in good hands. If you ever find yourself in Canterbury, or if you're looking for a good place to set up your own mail order list, I highly recommend checking the shop out. Here's the address:

Whatever Comics
9 St. Peters Street
Canterbury CT1 2AT.
Telephone 01227 453226

Had a great time at the shop, then went out for a drink with the owners afterwards. Laurence Campbell (fantastic Marvel artist and a friend of Whatever Comics), showed up as well. It's always great to chat with Laurence, and I'm really looking forward to his upcoming run on The Punisher. He's also one of the nicest guys I've met in the industry so far. He's actually got an interview up on the Whatever Comics Website, which you can read here.

So, thanks to everyone who showed up to mark the occasion, and commiserations to Whatever's competition. Let's face it, with such a great shop right in the middle of the city's main shopping centre, any other comics retailer in Canterbury might as well be incognito...

PS: Thanks to Kikari for the Kentish Gazette clipping at the top of this post.


  1. The new shop is just great in all ways - building, location, atmosphere - everything.

    Given how busy it was, and the groups of people we saw looking in hopefully through the door on Sunday it seems the shoppers of Canterbury think so, too.

    Great to see everyone there.

    Good Luck to Manny and Debe.

    Whatever Comics - ASSEMBLE

  2. It's a good write up in the paper too. I really hope it works out for them. I'll have to set up my order, we like the trades we picked up.


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