Monday, 18 August 2008

A Little Off-Quilter...

A year ago, if you'd asked me to tell you the five least likely sentences to ever come out of my mouth, "I've just spent the weekend at a quilting convention" would unquestionably have featured in the top three. However, a friend of mine had a stake in this gig and that meant I did too.

The 2008 Festival of Quilts took place at the Birmingham NEC, and Nic and I went up there to cheer on Ferret, who's been making a significant name for herself as a multimedia artist - primarily by shocking people out of their comfort zones. Ferret's quilts are technically brilliant, thematically subversive and, quite simply, beautiful. She's just walked away from the Europe's leading quilt show with a string of awards to prove exactly those points.

Nic and I carried things, handed out Ferret's business cards and stood in people's way so they couldn't muck up her photos. We were repaid in chicken and a free lift back to London, so I'm calling that a result all round.

Run, don't walk, to Ferret's blog for pictures of her winning entries - and pity those who would stand against her...

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  1. Well, the quilt show was an eye opener and that's for sure :)

    We met some great people, especially Sally - so "Hi" to you if you ever make your way over here and read this.

    Ferret's art really stands out, and easily holds its among the best there. It was interesting to see how her work has lead to inspiration of others.Almost as interesting as where her work has resulted in their

    Somehow I have come away with a small quilt pattern that Ferret is going to help me make. I can't help feeling I am somehow getting "stitched up" ;)

    Still I have promised roast lamb and key lime pie when it happens.


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