Friday, 1 August 2008

"Starship Troopers Sex Parts"

Yeah, I know. That was my reaction too.

I like to take an occasional scan through the many and various search entries that lead people to my website. Occasionally, one will stand out as especially noteworthy. For example, a couple of people have found their way there by looking for a real-life person called Janice Campanelli (an educator and therapist in Milwaukee who happens, through no fault of her own, to share a name with one of my Starship Troopers characters).

The query "Starship Troopers Sex Parts" is a bit special, though. I find myself pondering what would inspire someone to type those precise words into a Google search box, and what wonders might they have expected to discover as a result? Were they surprised to get any hits at all from the search engine? Were they satisfied with what they found?

Every once in a while, the Internet restores my faith in the weirdness of humanity. Whoever you are out there, I honestly, genuinely and whole-heartedly wish you well in your doubtless ongoing quest for Starship Troopers Sex Parts. If I've in any way hindered your mission, I humbly apologise. If I've helped at all, then I'll die a little happier. In either event I can only hope that, somewhere in the depths of wilderspace, you ultimately find whatever it is you're looking for...

... and I hope it's something truly wonderful.


  1. It rates right up there with "nude skipping rope". I get quite a few people come to my site looking for that one. I suspect they are disappointed as my nudes are not skipping. Although if they are looking for a nude rope, they may be happy with what they find.

  2. Heh - yeah, I can see "nude skipping rope" being a popular search item in certain circles. "Starship Troopers Sex Parts" is pretty specialised, though.

    Of course, now that I've made this blog post, I've instantly become Google's #1 result for the query. Maybe my site will become the Internet's top meeting point for Starship Troopers Sex Parts enthusiasts worldwide.

    A man can dream...


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