Friday, 26 September 2008

Congratulations Are In Order...

Nic Wilkinson, the artist behind Extinction Protocol and Remember This Moment and the letterer on Cancertown, has just been appointed as the Creative Director of Insomnia Publications. This is a particularly smooth move for Insomnia, since Nic's an award-winning marketing genius with over a metric tonne of professional experience. She's also my personal favourite human being. Here's the announcement from Insomnia's Managing Director, Crawford Coutts:

I am very pleased and excited to announce that Nic Wilkinson (letterer of Cancertown and Daemon and artist of Remember this Moment in LZ) has been promoted to Creative Director of Insomnia Publications.

As well as her artistic and lettering prowess, Nic will be giving her constructive criticism in the process of recruiting new creators; using her creative mind to aide us on products and merchandise; and her experience in marketing and PR will be invaluable.

Welcome again to Insomnia Publications, Nic, and we look forward to working with you even more than before!

Another of Nic's recent triumphs is her assignment as contributing artist for Accent UK's upcoming Western anthology. She's working on a story called "Shooting", written by Alexi Conman (give it a moment, you'll get it). Here's a very sneaky preview:

As her bio on the Accent UK site says:

Nic has been drawing nasty things since she was only little. It has been said that you shouldn't let the fact that she is still only quite little fool you. The main difference is that she now draws her nasty things on a Wacom and doesn't use mud in her art so often.

So, in summation, rock on Nic!


  1. AWESOME !!!

    Congratulations Nic :)

    I'm certain Insomnia will benefit greatly from both your experience and your multiple skills and talents.....a very smooth move indeed :) They'll have to build stronger walls in their offices now, so that they may contain your awesomeness :)

  2. No, it is very unwise to try and contain Nic. Better to just let her blow out the weak areas and repair as required.

  3. My GOD!!!! That's Great!!! Soon the Spider Monkeys will rule the world! :) congrats Nic!!!

  4. Now...*looks around*...*looks under the sofa*...where can I find a brilliant American cover artist?


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