Friday, 10 October 2008

"This is Ripley, Last Survivor of the Nostromo, Signing Off..."

Ripley 1999-2008


  1. Sorry to hear this sad news mate. My condolences to both you and Nic.

    Cats always seem to bring their own unique personalities to a household, I'm sure she'll be sorely missed.


  2. Sorry to hear that.

  3. Thanks.

    What the vet had been hoping was asthma turned out to be lung cancer. It had spread into her stomach and bone marrow and in the space of 24 hours she changed from something approximating her old self to something inert, miserable and pretty much unrecognisable.

    We could have kept her alive and in pain for about a week, maybe two. We chose not to put her through that.

  4. Really sorry to hear it Cy :( Sharon and I are big cat lovers, we know how tough that is to go through.

  5. Sorry to hear about your cat. Never easy: animals love you unreservedly if you treat them right and when it's really hard when that kind of affection vanishes.


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