Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Herded Through The Grapevine

One of the best things about running a blog is you get to spread good news. Remember Ferret - the friend and textile artist I keep mentioning? Well, she was recently informed that one of her quilts (the awesome "Herd Mentality" pictured above) had won the Viewers' Choice award at the Houston Festival - one of the key events on the calendar of the serious quilter. It's a lot like winning an Oscar.

There's no great surprise in the fact that Ferret won, of course. The quilt in question is a phenomenal piece of work and has always attracted high praise. However, this particular award is special, in that it is voted on by other quilters, and as such is a gesture of professional admiration from people who really know their stuff.

Anyway, congratulations to Ferret on yet another well deserved award!


  1. Very Nice. Pass on my congrats :)

  2. It's true, he did. Thanks Stephen.

  3. Now - if only a quilt could be made by Ferret of Cy and Stephen's work...

    Congrats again to Ferret.

    Last weekend she taught me to make my first quilt (an advent calendar, so it is interactive and 3D and everything) talk about a masterclass!

    Knowing a bit about how it is done now just makes me more in awe of what Ferret does.


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