Friday, 5 December 2008

Antisocial Darwinism

It's been a strange experience watching Cancertown continue to evolve since I finished the last script in July. During that time, I've been receiving a steady flow of pages at various stages of completion from the art team of Stephen Downey and Mel Cook. It's been fascinating, and I doubt I'll ever lose the sense of excitement I get from seeing something I've written come to fruition in the artwork.

Let me give you an example. A couple of days ago, I received the following Cancertown page to look over:
You see what I mean?

Now, sure - these are characters I came up with in a scene I devised. I can look at the script and picture them, maybe even hear their voices speaking to me from the page, but actually seeing them brought to life like this is just a whole different experience. I seriously hope I never lose that feeling.

I'm one of those pro-science, rationalist, sceptical atheists you've read about (it turns out that's a fairly common trait among magicians), which I hope gives you some idea of what it means when I say that the evolution from script to final art is pretty much the closest thing to real magic I can imagine...


  1. Some truly jaw dropping art there ;)

  2. when I saw this page My jaw literally hit the floor!!! :)

  3. I had to take my jaw off to use it for photo reference when I was drawing this page and now I can't find it :(


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