Monday, 30 March 2009

Dropping the C-Bomb...

... and for once it wasn't me! Here's the second episode of Ian Cullen's SciFi Pulse podcast, featuring an interview with me and some great input from Insomnia's own Nic Wilkinson and Crawford Coutts. Sound levels are all over the place, but I had a lot of fun and look forward to taking Ian up on his offer of another guest slot in future.

Incidentally, some of the episode is pretty sweary so don't say I didn't specifically warn you because I just did so you'd be lying.*

*Awesome line stolen shamelessly from Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.


  1. It wasn't me honest. I'm a good boy I am. I don't swear. Have never dropped a C Bomb in my life I haven't. Honest.

  2. Can I get a hint on how to listen to these interviews?

  3. I'm guessing the embedded player isn't showing up for you then?

    Well, I suppose you could listen to it on iTunes. Otherwise, I could just play you the edited highlights when you and Tet come over to play Rock Band 2 (yes, 2 - it finally came out on PS3). :)

  4. Cy The player looks fine this end.

    Ferret, if you look just under Cy's post you will see a little blue box shape thing, which says blogtalk radio. If you look closely at that it has a little play button on it. Just push that and turn you speakers on and it should stream the episode for you:)

  5. Rock Band 2. I have a PS3 and have been tempted.

  6. Ah iplayer explains it all. No chance of that working here then. Oh well I will have to wait till I visit. We will have to find a date.

  7. I should add the player is now showing up but silence is golden right? :)

  8. Ah a bit more kicking and it's sort of working. Maybe it just needed more willpower to get it to play? Or do I just have to catch my computer out :)

  9. Glad you got it figured out. I actually had to tweak my own browser settings quite a lot to get it working.

  10. Oye less this talk of tweaking. It just sounds very wrong, and quite disturbing to be honest.

    Cy you should try hosting one of those bloody shows lol. Switchboard is a nightmare.

    Glad you sort of got it working Feret. As Cy said. Sound levels were all over the place. Think both Cy and Nic were having Microphone issues.

    I was using my trusty headset mic, which is a little too good.

    Doing just a standard live call in and blah show on Sunday. So if anyone is interested in calling up and going blah.

    Oh have it's set to everyone this weekend. But you never know. I may change it to adults at the last minute.


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