Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Beware! It's the Future - It Will Burn You!

Had an interesting email from Markosia top dog, Harry Markos this week. It looks like someone is finally taking the digital comics revolution seriously.

Markosia now have two apps available for free download from iTunes. These are Beowulf #1 and Kong: King of Skull Island #0. Also, Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood's Prince of Baghdad #1 is available for free on the store.

Most of Markosia's titles will apparently be appearing on iTunes, Blackberry and Google phones over the next few months. Harry describes this as a very important step forward for the industry in general and the company in particular. Digital releases are already attractive as a first-choice format for many self-publishers and new creators, and to see a major UK indie like Markosia throwing its support in like this is fascinating.

1 comment:

  1. It's great to see how comics are expanding out to so many other media and how experimental publishers are being.

    And Beowulf conquers yet again :)

    Just shows that a good story stands the test of time.


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