Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Impeccable Waste

Thought it was time for a Layer Zero update, as the book is on the verge of publication. The more I've watched this anthology develop, the more impressed I've been by it. In my opinion, the quality of submissions, both in terms of art and scripting, has never been higher.

I always enjoy working on anthologies. Insomnia Publications has a strong "family" atmosphere among its creators, so it's a fantastic environment to meet new potential collaborators and to generally bounce ideas around with people who genuinely care about comics. As I've mentioned before, I've been incredibly lucky so far in the artists I've worked with, and Ben MacLeod is a perfect example. Take a look at some of the pages he turned in for Waste, my contribution to Layer Zero: Choices.

I know, right? When a guy with this kind of talent says he wants to draw your story you don't mull it over and get back to him tomorrow. You sign him up on the spot - and that's precisely what Insomnia did.

Again, for those who don't already know, Layer Zero: Choices is currently available for pre-order from Amazon, or you can always kick up a fuss at your local comics dealer. For anyone attending the Bristol International Comics Show and Small Press Expo this year, copies can be found at the Insomnia stand.


  1. Ohhh very very nice :)

    Is it being coloured or printed in glorious Black and white?

  2. Glorious black and white it is!


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