Friday, 24 April 2009

That's It - There's Now Officially Nothing More to Say About Me...

A while back Stephen Downey and I were interviewed for a site called Jazma, and I see that those interviews have just gone live. So, as the countdown to the release of Cancertown ticks down toward single digits, feel free to check out how its writer and artist struggled to explain their behaviour in creating this monster.

Also, while you're there, you might want to read Crawford Coutt's interview, too. As Insomnia's top dog, it's really all his fault...


  1. Good interview. Not sure about the name of the site though. I guess it's just my dirty mind having issues. I'll stick in a link to the interview when I get a minute, it's a good overview of what you do.

  2. Thanks for that.

    Yeah, Nic had a few amusing comments about the site's name, too. :)


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