Friday, 26 June 2009


In the clearest possible announcement of the imminent end times, this weekend sees what can only be described as a harmonic convergence of Cancertown-related events - a promotional trident whose fiery prongs only the Welsh may hope to escape.

England: Saturday morning will find Nic and me at the Waterstones in Chelmsford for a Cancertown book signing from 11am to around 1pm.

Scotland: Insomnia founder Crawford Coutts will be speaking at the Dundee Literary Festival, along with David "Tharg" Bishop and Warren Ellis. Now, that's good company to be in. Crawford kicks off at 4.50pm, discussing the evolution of Insomnia, its readership and the ever-changing state of the industry.

Ireland: Stephen Downey will be hosting Insomnia's table as a guest at the Q Con (the annual Gaming Convention hosted by Dragonslayers, the Queen’s University Belfast Gaming and Anime Society). He'll be sketching and selling copies of Cancertown from 6pm on the Friday night and all day Saturday.

Stephen has even contributed a Cancertown-themed sketch as a competition prize. Check this puppy out:

...and just like that, I'm gone.

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