Friday, 31 July 2009

Falk Lines

It's been a while since the last piece of Harlan Falk news, with most of the activity taking place below the waterline and several key things I'm not allowed to talk about yet. For those who've been asking for an update, I offer the pages below. Scott James's work on this book has been phenomenal, and Jason Millet's colours are consistently amazing. Anyway, here are a few selected excerpts from the first issue to tide you over.


  1. I had been worried I wouldn't like this art style, but it's great. I am really looking forward to this story, so it is fantastic to see such cool artwork for it.

  2. Cool. Yeah, Scott's really got the feel of this book nailed. His art is stylised, for sure, and its underlying tension speaks of a rich and vivid vein of insanity. :)

  3. There goes me sanity being brought back into question!!!! Thanks fer the kind words!


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