Thursday, 20 August 2009

Ferret: Breaking the NEC

This weekend sees the 2009 Festival of Quilts at the Birmingham NEC. Ferret has a gallery this year, nicely situated right in the centre of the hall, where she'll be exhibiting many of her wonderful and deeply troubling quilts. Anyone who's been paying even casual attention to this blog will have seen at least a couple of Ferret's pieces featured, which should give some idea what the show has let itself in for this year.

Ferret's much anticipated new book, Ferreting Around, will be on sale at the gig, as (perversely enough) will Cancertown. If that minor burst of self-promotion appears slightly out of place, then allow me to join the dots. One of the larger quilts on display in the gallery will be the miraculous monstrosity that is Bad Rain, Ferret's medium-shattering interpretation of a critical scene from the comic. Given the awed reaction of festival-goers last year even to Ferret's most wholesome works of art, it's going to be fascinating to see what they make of something as violently surreal as Bad Rain.

So, to whatever extent the unquantifiable abstract, "luck" can be practically and effectively "wished" upon a person and their endeavours, then consider it so wished on Ferret by the entire Cancer Cell. One thing is certain - it's going to be a bugger to top this next year...

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