Friday, 14 August 2009

Masked Magician is Full of Fail!

Sorry - brief diversion into magic territory. Stumbled upon this and it's too good not to share. Witness the all-powerful Val Valentino (otherwise known as the Masked Magician, otherwise unknown as Leonard Montano), committing a rare and coveted Double-Fail at a self-working card trick.

For the purists, this still technically counts as a comics post - for the three people who actually bought the thing...


  1. I remember looking forward to his first special, thinking it would be another Penn & Teller, telling you the trick because the way the trick works makes the trick even cooler.

    Turns out, you can get commissioned for a big TV special or five doing very old tricks, filmed in the most pedestrian manner possible, with Mitch Pilleggi sleepwalking through the voice over. Then revealing the very dull "secrets" in a very smug way. And yes, the main secret appears to be "Pray to all your dark gods that the tits and ass can cover your tracks."

    For a better magician... well, I'd put him sub-Tommy Cooper.

  2. I was working as a magician when the first special came out over here. The whole affair was pretty tawdry.

    Definitely agree on the Tommy Cooper comparison. They say the hardest trick in magic is getting your audience to like you. By that standard, Cooper was among the very best in the business.


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