Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Easing the Squeezing...

Nic's interview with Comic Racks podcasters Iz and Stacebob has been very well received on their forum. Personal bias aside, it's always refreshing to hear from a publisher with a strong, forward-thinking game plan and the tools to bring it to fruition. Nic's an ideal spokesperson for this kind of outfit, as she's got the perfect combination of skill set and appreciation for the medium.

In other podcast news, and for reasons known only to themselves, the learned gentlemen of Comic Book Outsiders have requested an interview with me for an upcoming episode. I'll be carpet bombing them with as many plugs for my in-progress books as possible, but I'll make sure I wipe my feet on the way in and try not to lower the tone of discourse too much. Should be fun.

On the subject of my upcoming stuff, I'm getting regular art in from Stephen Downey, Robert Carey and Scott James for Slaughterman's Creed, The Indifference Engine and The Case Files of Harlan Falk, respectively. Here are a few samples:

Slaughterman's Creed
The Indifference Engine
The Case Files of Harlan Falk
Also, with their work on Harker drawing to a close, Neil Van Antwerpen and Peter-David Douglas are turning their attention to The Ragged Man. Here's a quick blast of solicit text:

You save worlds the same way you end them – one inch, one hour, one life at a time.

Alone and despised, the Ragged Man drags himself through life with the weight of murdered billions on his shoulders. Hated by the world and everything in it, his body is a prison to a race of monsters. With every skin cell he sheds, with every drop of blood, a tiny piece of their reality escapes into ours, and a tiny piece of our world dies.

Who do you think you are?

Hopefully, Insomnia will be showcasing some preview art at BICS. I can't wait to see what happens when my War Stories: Tasch collaborators get their teeth stuck into this.

Speaking of BICS, with The Indifference Engine, The Ragged Man, Focal Point, The Insomniac's Guide to Cancertown, Cancertown 2: Blasphemous Tumours, The Case Files of Harlan Falk and Slaughterman's Creed all on the way, I honestly wasn't thinking of pitching anything new for the moment. That said, there are times when an idea grabs hold of your bollocks and refuses to ease the squeeze until you pay it some attention. I've been in that situation for about a week now and it's becoming desperate. Fingers will be hitting keyboard on this very soon now...

... and if anyone asks, you ain't seen me.

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  1. All looking excellent.

    I really like how Scott James handled the notepad page :)


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