Friday, 25 September 2009

Dissecting History

An exquisitely creepy trailer for Martin Conaghan and Will Pickering's Burke & Hare graphic novel has recently surfaced on YouTube, and it's well worth checking out.

Burke & Hare is the true story of the 19th century's most prolific and misunderstood serial killers. Often mistakenly labelled graverobbers, Willian Burke and William Hare were brutal men with a two-figure bodycount who sold their victims as medical cadavers. To some extent, the graphic novel is an exercise in setting that particular record straight, but moreover it is an unflinching, rivetting tale of murderous greed and body-racketeering. I had a chance to read the book this week, and I can only agree with the assessment of Judge Dredd luminary, Alan Grant, in his introduction:

"Together, Martin and Will have produced something of which they, and their publisher - the relative newcomer, Insomnia - can be very proud. As well as being educational and entertaining, they've gone one better and given us something important."

Burke & Hare is the first title in Insomnia Publications' "Vigil" line of biographic novels, and is currently available to pre-order on Amazon. There's a free preview on, which you can read by clicking the image below.

Myebook - Burke and Hare - click here to open my ebook

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  1. There's a free preview on, which you can read by clicking the image below.

    Nice theory. But it still doesn't work for me. I complained to the myebook guys, and they initally asked for more info, but then lost interest after they suggested I upgrade to the latest flash player (the problem being that I was already using the very latest version, and told them so).


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