Friday, 4 September 2009

Rack Attacks and Replication Terrors

Insomnia's Creative Director and full time Cy-handler, Nic Wilkinson, recorded an interview with Iz and Stacebob of the consistently wonderful Comic Racks podcast this week. The episode should be available for download in the next few days. Comic Racks is highly recommended listening in any case, but having Nic on as a guest makes it pretty much compulsory. I was stealthing silently about like an invisible super-ninja during the recording, so I'm looking forward to hearing how it comes out.

In a neck-breaking segue, I followed a link on Stephen Downey's blog to find the Cancertown-themed stylings of a Northern Irish artist called Darren Reynolds. They're impressive, to say the least, so I've pestered him into letting me reproduce them here.

There's some very strong work on Darren's blog. Well worth a look.

Oh, and it looks like Nic and I are buying a house.


  1. Buying a house? If you're not careful, you'll grow up...

  2. Heh - as if. We're already looking into how we legally change the first line of the address to "Secret Volcano Lair".

    Nic reckons we're just growing older, not upper...


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