Friday, 27 November 2009

Belated Afterthoughts...

Technically, I shouldn't be doing this.

Strictly speaking, I'm on holiday this week, and writing this blog sits right on the dividing line between work stuff and not-work stuff. Anyway, I'm not being watched at the moment, so I thought I'd blitz off a quick post.

Thought Bubble was a blast again this year. It's all-too short, but it has an intensity of focus that is hard to match. I spent the whole day signing books, talking to creators and generally acting like a real-life comics professional. Particular stars of the event were Ian Cullen of SciFi Pulse website and radio show fame (probably the hardest working guy at the entire convention - seriously, he was fucking everywhere) and Dead Goats writer, Ollie Masters. Ollie's a guy who really gets it, and I'm seriously looking forward to seeing his book come out because it's precisely my kind of story and I'm going to read the living tits off that thing.

So, chalk Thought Bubble up as a win, and count me in for next year (providing my upcoming relocation doesn't balls things up travel-wise).

In other news, I got to check out my almost-built new house today. Moving from a two-bedroom flat to a three-storey house is going to be a bit of an adjustment, but I'm quietly confident I can fill the extra space with awesome junk within a few weeks of moving in.

Also, a learned colleague of mine from way back before you were born has just published his first novel on Lulu. I had the opportunity to read this some time ago, and can honestly say that it's a massively entertaining read. If my opinion means anything at all to you, then I highly recommend that you check out Peter Darby's The Gimp at your earliest convenience. Here's the cover blurb:

He despises his work, considers his co-workers to be
cattle, and only hates himself marginally less than everyone else.

Of an evening, he dresses in bondage gear and
hangs around in alleyways waiting to beat up

Because that's what his transcendental dominatrix
tells him to do.

Meet the Gimp.

"Compelling and unexpectedly uplifting" - Cy Dethan, author of Cancertown.

...and there I am: gone.

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  1. Holiday?! What the heck is one of those? Glad Thought bubble was good, I should have asked you to look out for some shopping for me, but I didn't ho hum. I will get there one year honest, when I am not working.

    Bad Rain hasn't been rejected from Road 2 California yet (one of the really big shows) hasn't been accepted either but here's hoping.

    Do I need to come and visit a carpet?


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