Friday, 4 December 2009

Going Meta...

So, I find myself in the delightful position of writing a blog post about why I'm going to be writing fewer blog posts in the upcoming weeks. This end of the year is always a mad flurry of hitting deadlines, chasing invoices and so forth, but this time I've got the added complication of putting my entire world into a series of neatly stacked and carefully labelled boxes in preparation for a still-unconfirmed-but-could-be-any-time-now moving date.

I've said my goodbyes to London in the form of The Ragged Man. Now she and I are in that awkward period where I've already got my coat on and I've stepped out onto the porch, only to find that my taxi hasn't arrived yet and we both now face an indeterminate period of nervous throat-clearing and embarrassed half-smiles before I finally leave.

Also, I'm almost proud to discover how undomesticated I still apparently am. I've never even defrosted a fridge before, so that ought to be an adventure in itself. In a few short weeks I'll be learning to put up shelves and hang curtains, and I can't help feeling that a vital part of my essential self will die in the process.

Hot on the heels of long-time friend, Pete Darby's psychological S&M vigilante thriller,The Gimp comes news of Martin Fisher's upcoming Battle Amongst the Stars. I first met Martin several years ago at a convention, and he's recently landed a deal for a prequel comic to Roger Corman's classic Magnificent-Seven-In-Space movie, Battle Beyond the Stars. Martin pursued this project with the patience of a saint and single-minded ferocity of a frenzied shark, so it's unbelievably cool to see it all pay off. Congratulations are most assuredly due.

So, other than all that, all I wanted to say was that my posting schedule is likely to be a bit patchy this side of the New Year.

Catch you on the flip-side.

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  1. It all depends how you put the shelves up and what sort of curtains you hang. I could see some serious damage from pink floral ones, but something tasteful with a healthy dose of black and requiring heavy lifting gear to get into place should be fine. However if you do the domestic chores in character expect to ache for the next month.


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