Monday, 1 March 2010

Indifferent Strokes

So, as just announced on the Insomnia Blog, there's a 14-page preview of my next book, The Indifference Engine, up on Here it is:

Myebook - The Indifference Engine - click here to open my ebook

Also worthy of note is the interview Insomnia has just published with Rob Carey, my co-creator on the book. Rob is one of the fastest artists I've ever worked with, due in part (but only in part) to his willingness to work from 4am pretty much every morning. In addition, he has a real skill at characterisation - something that's absolutely critical to a book like this.

As for The Indifference Engine itself, as my first full-length creator-owned project since Cancertown, I wanted to try something rather different. It has kind of an overtly sci-fi burn to it, but it's fundamentally a story about a man finding his identity - more specifically, finding a whole bunch of his identities running a reality-hopping armed response task force. I was very lucky to have been teamed up with Rob on this, and Mel Cook's expert sense of colour balance proved indispensable in building the book's atmosphere and expressing its themes. You'll see what I mean about that as the story unfolds, but suffice it to say that The Indifference Engine genuinely needed a colourist of Mel's calibre.

Work on the book is building to a crescendo as we speak, so by all means watch out for it later this year. More details to follow...

Quick detour into Cancertown territory - I've finished up a draft of the first chapter, and I'm pretty happy with it. If the first volume, as described by John Freeman in his review, was "a rip-roaring mindf***", then the follow-up's going to require at least another five asterisks to do it justice. Be warned...

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