Friday, 12 March 2010

The Question

Every month or so I get a cluster of emails (and they do seem to bunch up and all arrive within a couple of days of each other) asking about Starship Troopers, and every time I do I'm reminded of Tom Wilson. Tom is the actor, comedian and musician best known for his portrayal of Biff Tannen (and related characters) in the Back to the Future Trilogy. He gets so many questions about the series that he incorporated them into his stand-up act as a time-saving measure. Observe:

Inspired by his example, here's a brief consolidation of answers to the questions that keep cropping up in my own humble inbox:

1) How did you land the gig?
Answer: Blind luck and ignorance. See my early blog posts for a more thorough run-down.

2) Can you get me a run on the title?
: Sorry, that's so completely out of my hands that I don't even know where to start.

3) What happened to the series?
Mongoose Publishing stopped producing the games the comic was grounded in and so the licence expired.

4) Any chance of a Bad Blood trade?
None whatsoever, as I understand it. Breaks my heart.

5) How many scripts did you write in all?
I had the book scripted up to issue #21 at the time the licence ended. That's two more four-part story arcs ("Fool's Errand" and "My Time in Hell") plus two more one-shots ("War Stories: Brasier" and "War Stories: Burgess"). If you're interested, hit me up at a convention some time and I'll spoilerise the tits off them for you.

6) Any regrets?
For myself? Not a single one. Every script I ever turned in for that book, whether it saw print or not, was invaluable experience and a hell of a lot of fun to write. Of course, the other side to that is there was a LOT of art turned in for Fool's Errand by the very talented Diego Simone before the series terminated, and for that to go to waste was an incredible shame.

That pretty much covers it, I think. For those who read the book during my run - thanks, I hope you enjoyed it. If the chance ever arose again, I'd leap at it.


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