Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Taking a Butcher's...

I've been biting my lip trying to hold these back for a little while now, but I absolutely have to post a few of the outstanding pages Stephen Downey's been turning in for Slaughterman's Creed. Stephen's one of the most energetic and enthusiastic artists I've met and, even considering the height of the bar he set for himself on Cancertown, he's been tearing into Creed with the intensity of a frenzied dog and the results have been astonishing. Take a look:

These pages come from the latter half of the story, which is where the real brutality kicks off. From the looks of things, Stephen's nailing it.

Speaking of Stephen, I see he's also participating in the multi-creator talesofthe.com project, which he describes as "an online weekly blog-style anthology incorporating all types of creative media and a platform for N.Ireland creators to showcase film, artwork, prose, audio and just about any other type of creative endeavour you can think of."

The site launches on April the 4th, and looks like it'll be something worth checking out.


  1. Those gory pages are fun. I uploaded Andy's inks to one of those pages to my blog as well and have a couple more to send you.

    And thanks for the Talesofthe.com plug :D

  2. The new inks you posted are looking great! Of all the work of yours I've seen, these Creed pages are among my favourites.

    Can't wait to see more, and I'm looking forward to seeing what develops with Talesofthe.com.


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