Thursday, 8 April 2010


With major operations on The Indifference Engine thundering to a climax as we speak, we've been looking at assembling a preview package for the book to show at the Bristol convention this year. The general consensus was that a 3-4 page sequence was called for, to offer a sort of keyhole into the story without spoilerising it too comprehensively.

This is what we settled on:


  1. Really dig that new engine script. Tell Nic cheers for the awesome work.
    Mels colors look the fuckin biz.

  2. Really like the cross word puzzle lettering and I 'm impressed at how well it works to tell the story. Can't wait to see the lettering on our little project ;)

  3. Cheers, guys.

    Yeah, Nic's done a fantastic job on devising a "voice" for the Engine that's appropriately inhuman and properly complements the feel of the artwork.

  4. I wasn't at all sure about these pages. They're strange. However, they are stuck in my head and I want the story now, so I guess they are very good at their job. Can I sulk now, having been manipulated by clever marketing?


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