Friday, 16 April 2010

So I'm Sitting Here...

Well, as long as we're wantonly throwing previews around, here are the first three pages of The Ragged Man, an upcoming Insomnia book with art by Neil Van Antwerpen and colours by Peter-David Douglas. Letters, once again, are artfully supplied by the deadly Nic Wilkinson.

I'm constantly amazed by each new page of art on this book, and getting to work with my old Starship Troopers co-conspirators is an unbelievable rush. In fact, early plans are already in motion for our next collaboration. I can't say anything more just yet, but if current indications are anything to go by, it's going to be a full-service mindfuck.

In a further bit of Ragged News, the art guys and I recently recorded an interview with Ian Cullen for the SciFi Pulse radio show. The episode airs on Sunday night at 10pm, UK time, and we had a blast.

That's it for now.

Rock On!

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  1. Great lookin' work!!!! I got to get my ass goin' an Falk!!! ;)



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