Friday, 2 April 2010

Two Days in the Company of Jason Flemyng

Went to see Kick Ass on Thursday, followed by Clash of the Titans 3D today. 48% spoiler-free thoughts below:

Kick Ass
Despite several recent and very welcome surprises, I'm still a little wary of comic-to-movie adaptations. Repeated viewing has done Watchmen few favours, and there are still elements of Dark Knight that bother the fuck out of me, so my critical cup is rarely more than a few drops over half-empty.

So, given that pre-review comments like those above are traditionally followed by a "but", allow me to present my but to you by saying that, for my money, Kick Ass does an extremely good job of turning a disappointment of a comic into a very enjoyable couple of hours. I'd have to say that it's not remotely bloody enough to stand as a literal translation of the original, but equally, it also lacks the comic's paper-thin pretence of realism - instead, actively embracing the rising tide of lunacy and going balls-out on it. It shades off into Hollywood optimism a bit in places, but it had me from the second it kicked off the Dickies' fantastic cover of the Tra-La-La Song from The Banana Splits Show, a record that I've loved since forever. A minor highlight was Dexter Fletcher having a chance to dust off the American accent that got him through Press Gang, which is always good for a laugh. Also, Jason Flemyng was in it as a moany goon who goes out like a bitch. Good times.

Clash of the Titans
The longer I live, the more it appears that Louis Leterrier is incapable of making a film that I can't enjoy. I know this may shock some people, but I've no real affection for the original version of this film. I went in expecting better things and I got them. It was silly as all Hell, but that was what I wanted out of it. Not much to say about the central performances, other than that Mads Mikkelsen was pretty much head and shoulders above anyone else on-screen. There were frequent nods to the original to keep the fans happy, which did little for me, but the whole event felt like time well spent. Also, Jason Flemyng was in it as a one-handed monster who bleeds giant cocking scorpions and goes out like a total fucking bad-ass! Good times again.

Roll on the sequels, then.

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