Friday, 7 May 2010

Closing the Book...

As I write this entry, Nic Wilkinson sits not ten feet from me, cackling uncontrollably as she lays the letters over the finished pencils of Slaughterman's Creed. We'll leave aside for a moment what it says about my partner in innumerable crimes against nature, humanity and any god you'd care to name (they're all public domain, so feel free to pick a couple of good ones) that she finds my grimmest work to date also to be my funniest book. Rather, let's focus on the subtext here. Barring the colouring (currently having Vicky Stonebridge's considerable magic worked on it), the entire five-chapter run of the book is now in a fully readable state. Covers and logos are in the works, and I'm starting to hear the first rumbles of a distant drumroll as we begin the countdown toward publication.

The Indifference Engine is in much the same condition right now, with Mel Cook's complex and concept-driven colours in progress and the letters already in place. Again, the book is now fully readable, and I'll very likely be shoving both it and Creed into people's faces all over Bristol later this month. What's more, things are currently looking very promising for having a readable first chapter of The Ragged Man with me as well. All going to plan, I'll likely be the most previewed writer at the convention - albeit without an actual book launching at this one.

Speaking, as I usually do and was just a moment ago, of Nic - it looks like I'll soon be able to kick off an Exciting New Feature on Cy's Matters. In short, I've invited her to contribute her irregular thoughts on an irregular basis to the blog - providing she pimps my works shamelessly and doesn't sticky up my keyboard too much. Watch for that soon, and tremble...

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