Friday, 14 May 2010

Panel Games...

As long as we're in a bit of a Nic vibe at the moment, I should take a second to drop in a couple of sightings and updates.

As was announced recently, Nic has stepped down from her management position at Insomnia Publications, due to the time restraints of changing jobs in Real Life(TM). She'll still be active as a creator, as both letterer and artist (watch for her work on The Morlock Manifesto, in Accent UK's upcoming Victoriana anthology), and will still be visible in all the usual places.

For those fearing for a UK indie comics industry lacking Nic's enormous reserves of personal awesome, allow me to set your minds at ease. For one thing, Nic has joined the committee of the Comic Book Alliance, and will be appearing on their Sunday panel at Bristol. Here's what they have to say about that on the convention website:

The Comic Book Alliance

Come along and hear the latest news from the industry-wide not-for-profit organisation that is there to support fans, retailers, creators, distributors and publishers. Air your views on what's grim and great about the UK comic industry and together we can put the world to rights! We have a lot of exciting developments to reveal with the founders, GM Jordan, Shane Chebsey and Tim Pilcher, plus surprise guests!

Nic is also providing the foreword for Valia Kapadai's Tw1sted Vision, a book I've spoken highly of in the past and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

As for me, between now and the Bristol gig I've got about 150 pages of preview material to print out and bind together, several bases to touch and a number of meetings to hook up. Not bad, considering I'm not planning on pitching anything specific at this one.

Roll on the 21st...

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