Friday, 18 June 2010

Updates, Kinda...

So, as I sit now at the arse-end of a week of spazzing around in celebration of Nic Wilkinson's birthday, I find myself with a few items of news that are potentially worthy of note.

1) After repeated nudging, I have found myself in possession of a Twitter account. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, or how much use I'll be making of the thing - but I gather that most people say that at first...

For those who may care desperately what I'm doing at any given moment (spoiler alert: if I'm Tweeting about it, the chances are heavily in favour of me being sat at my computer with nothing remotely productive to be getting on with), my Twitter name is @CyDethan.

2) I had a glorious moment this week when DriveThruComics put out a newsletter featuring Insomnia Publications' Layer Zero Time Anthology (login required - annoying, I know). I have a story in this one, which the newsletter describes as an example of my "before they were famous" work.

For those keeping score at home, ALL my work to date classifies as "before they were famous" material. Still, always nice to hear nice things.

3) I've been looking for an excuse to post this for a while, but excuses are for losers so I present it here without apology or justification. This is the blazingly talented Valia Kapadai's rendition of Nic and me, as seen through her own particular Twisted Vision.

4) Lastly, can I possibly be the only one who did a double-take on seeing the free giveaway currently being offered in Lazy Town Magazine? Judging from the grinning loon on the cover, I'd hope a "pedo-meter" would be standard issue out there...

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