Friday, 16 July 2010

I Am A Rock...

One of my most unexpectedly awesome moments in comics came a year or so ago, when a poster on the Geek Syndicate forum told me that my name ("Cy Dethan", for those playing along at home) sounded like a Star Wars bounty hunter. For reasons I've never properly explored within myself, that statement particularly amused me - and now it has finally been equalled.

As of this month, courtesy of writer and cult movie savant Martin Fisher, I am officially a planet in the Roger Corman's Battle Amongst the Stars universe.

There you go. See that? I'm a fucking planet. In your collective face, University of Kent automated careers advice service that claimed that journalism was the only way to amount to anything through writing. In. Your. Face!

Also, to that kid who flipped me off from a train window eight years ago: up yours, mate - I'm a cocking planet!

To that annoying little prick who used to come and loudly hassle me every fucking week when I was performing magic for a living, and yet always managed to stay infuriatingly out of stabbing range: eat shit, dickface - I'm a planet, now. What the Hell did you do today, you hamster-faced knob?

Battle Amongst the Stars comes out through Bluewater, and is the result of unshakable belief and absolute clarity of purpose on the part of Martin Fisher. He told me he was going to do it, then he went out and did it. You've got to admire that.

Also, you should buy it. I'm bloody going to.

So yeah - pretty much. I'm a planet.

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  1. Now I have somewhere to wind my piece of string around :)




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