Thursday, 12 August 2010

Kickstart My Art

You know what the toughest thing about blogging is? It's coming up with an endless stream of weak puns to title your posts. It's like an eternally escalating arms race against the entire blogosphere where a single lacklustre effort or slightly-too-obscure misstep leaves you scrabbling to catch up. Nightmare.

Anyway, back on topic...

The apparent (possible/probable/alleged/who-the-fuck-knows?) collapse of Insomnia Publications has left a lot of people (over sixty, at the last count) sifting through the wreckage for answers that are, frankly, just not there. There are legal wheels grinding slowly toward getting everyone's books out of limbo, but in the meantime there are things that can be done right now. One of those things is the publication of "Survival Stories" - a collection of work originally intended for Insomnia but whose publication rights remain firmly in the hands of the creators.

So, over on Kickstarter right now, you can find an entry for the anthology with several options for grabbing a copy or otherwise supporting the project. All profits from Survival Stories will go to the Comic Book Alliance to help them in their efforts to safeguard the rights of comics creators.

Good book.

Good cause.

Good luck.


  1. Any chance he could add a not on the surcharge for European backers? I'm guessing it will be about $10 but it's probably worth him putting it on the page.

  2. There is actually no surcharge for orders, except for Canadian backers (the book is being printed in the UK).

    Hi Cy, thanks for the post! I thought you were in this book...sad to see you're not.

  3. A great cause and project to come out of this situation. I've pledged towards it and hope others continue to do so too. Good job! :)


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