Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Kill or Cure...

So now I find myself in the position of writing the final chapter of the final volume of Cancertown. With only a couple of dozen pages left, I'm torn between wrestling this turbulent story into a graceful landing or simply thundering it full-force into the tarmac and doing my best to leap clear of the wreck.

Obviously, the still-unclear situation with Insomnia casts a needlessly long shadow over the book's future, but while we're all playing another spirited round of Wait-and-See I guess I'll keep writing and see where it gets me.

Just got to remember to land with my knees bent. Tuck and roll...


  1. I'd have thought the hit the tarmac jump clear option was more in keeping, but who knows you may have changed direction :)

  2. As I was explaining to someone a couple of days ago, the experience of writing Cancertown 2 has been very much like Bugs Bunny stepping out of a plummeting elevator car half a second before it impacts at terminal velocity.


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