Saturday, 4 September 2010

"Dick Flavoured": My Favourite Review Ever... [UPDATED]

Back at this year's fateful Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo, I was flashing around preview copies of The Indifference Engine: A Holographic Novel. Responses were encouragingly positive and, during the follow-up period, Nic managed to jam a pdf of the book into Stacey Whittle's inbox.

Stacey, if you don't already know, is the co-host (along with Lee Grice) of the always-entertaining Small Press Big Mouth podcast - episode 22 of which has just aired. The episode features the world-exclusive first review of The Indifference Engine and also gives extensive coverage of the Sleepless Phoenix project, which is zeroing in on its target pledge total as we speak. Again, all profits from the Survival Stories anthology will go to the Comic Book Alliance, who were instrumental in smoothing the obstacle-ridden road of the book's many creators, and continue to work to promote the British comics industry.

In case you're wondering, Stacey's verdict is a decided thumbs-up and a statement that the book has a [Philip K.] Dick flavour to it - probably in itself my favourite review quotation ever. You can find the episode here.

[UPDATE] I've just been informed via Twitter that the Sleepless Phoenix has hit its target of an incredible $3600, and will now be funded. This is fantastic news, and I'm staggered and fascinated by the scale of it. The fact that the work of so many creators who were cock-blocked at the eleventh hour by the Insomnia fiasco will now see publication is simply outstanding. Congratulations to all involved. Now sign my fucking copy!

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