Monday, 18 October 2010

BICS Sticky Notes

Do you see what I did there?

This is Nic, by the way, Cy has hurt his hand and can't type much now, but more on that later...

Wow, then, a BICS blog? Where shall I start? There's a lot to say, and as a result of all of that I've got a LOT of emails to write, so I guess I'll get on with it.

Pictures to follow at a later date if the scanner can be appropriately propitiated!

First things first: a big change from Bristol was all the good news around the Sleepless Phoenix and a lot of the ex-Insomnia books finding new homes.

The Sleepless Phoenix anthology that was produced to raise funds for the CBA (Comic Book Alliance) was incredibly well received. It had 250 pre-orders and sold over 100 more copies at the weekend. This is in addition to it having smashed its Kickstarter funding project by over $1500!

Huge congratulations to Lauren Ann Sharpe, Michael Moreci, Adam R Grose, Andrew Croskery and Alex Wilmore for putting this together.

Special thanks from them also go to Harry Markos for all his help with the printing. More on him, and speculation on his true mission, later!

Great to hear that the Kronos City team (Andrew Croskery, Alex Wilmore, Lauren Anne Sharpe, and Jim Campbell) have found a new home for the book with TimeBomb Comics. That is really a match made in heaven.

Although announced just before BICS, we'll take the opportunity to congratulate the Babble boys (Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle) on their move to Com.X.

I also heard some good news about other books, but I am not sure how common the knowledge is yet - so I won't mention until I've checked!

It really is wonderful to see so much talent being recognised, though, and all that hard work being worth it in the end.

Dark Judgement from the twisted minds of Rich McAuliffe and Conor Boyle (published by Futurequake Press) made its thrill-powered début and sold really well. The Judge Fear story is my personal favourite, but you need to judge for yourselves.

The humorous heroics of Hero 9-5 by Ian Sharman, David Gray and Yel Zamor (with intro by Cy Dethan!) premièred in print with a special limited edition for the convention and is now on PSP - and we now have it in writing that Ian "luffs" us both, according to the signing plate.

The biggest news for us was that we signed all the physical contracts to move Cancertown, The Indifference Engine, and Ragged Man to Markosia. We also signed new, improved versions of contracts for the books that already had homes there. It only cost Cy the top joint of his left ring finger!

A shout out (blog out?) to Paul Richardson (also known by some of you as CrimsonArcher) for rescuing the poor, forlorn Cancertowns that had not escaped their imprisonment in The Works. The CBA and the Sleepless Phoenix guys kindly let us put them for sale on their tables and they have now found new and loving homes.

Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes about getting Cancertown resigned! It really meant a lot to both of us.

Talking to Harry about Markosia's plans for the digital future on Sunday was so inspiring. I really think he sees the way to go. Perhaps he has been sent back here by John Connor to make sure comics turn out the way they are supposed to and are not used to start the machine war by Skynet.

But this is not the place for my digital evangelism - I shall beg another post for that at some later date.

Speaking of Markosia, I saw a wonderful demonstration of publisher gratitude to a reader this weekend when Harry Markos gave Paul Convery (@Ravenblade86 if you want to follow him on twitter) copies of their comics that he had not already bought that will not be appearing on PSN, to thank him for all his support and personal promotion of Markosia's digital adventures.

As I heard Harry say to readers on a panel at Bristol, "We do it all for you."

Look out for Paul when he takes his place as as Lieutenant in Harry's Human Resistance!

It was lovely to meet John Freeman in person at last. We've been in touch a lot online over the last 18 months or so but always managed to be at different events. Strip Magazine and the new graphic albums he had on his table looked beautiful.

Exciting new projects are on the horizon. More news on these to follow in later posts, but there were conversations about collaborations the whole weekend. Simon Wyatt, Aaron Moran and Valia Kapadai will be joining Cy on new projects, and it looks like there will be more from old favourites Stephen Downey and Rob Carey in the future as well.

Speaking of Simon Wyatt (who drew me a mousey, a Day of the The Jack Rabbit, and an "inspirational" picture for Cy) I can cryptically and cryptozoologically say that there will be an Unbelievable announcement very shortly!

We secured the permission of a famously bad-ass ninja podcaster to use his likeness for the hero of an upcoming story. When you see who and why, you'll understand why this is so perfect and necessary - and what a Dangerous Idea it could turn out to be.

A couple of interesting opportunities were presented, including a reunion of the Starship Troopers team that never was... do you want to know more?

All in all, it was a great weekend and lovely to see everyone - even if very briefly in some cases.

Until we see you at the MCM...

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